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Bermuda Day 10

sunny 30 °C

Last day in Bermuda, although most of it was spent traveling. I woke up with a hangover at 7am, chugged a lot of water, and went to mass at the Catholic Cathedral. It was beautiful, again. I walked around Hamilton a bit, taking in my last morning in Bermuda. Then I went back to my room, pack my stuff, said thank you and farewell to Tricia, and grabbed a taxi to the airport.


I got the airport super early and spent the last of my cash. I slept for a bit and almost missed my flight because of it! :S I got into the Edmonton airport and mommy was waiting for me. :) She brought me wine and groceries!!!!!!!! I love my mommy. I missed my home. My awesome roomies and I spent the night drinking mom's wine, eating Bermuda Rum Cake, and even trying some of the rum I brought back. I'm glad to be home, but in a couple weeks I know I'll miss Bermuda more than anything!


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Bermuda Day 9

semi-overcast 29 °C

Today I walked around Hamilton and then went to Par-La-Ville Park (which is right behind The Lemon Tree) because there was supposed to be a Saturday Gombey presentation. Gombey's are the traditional cultural dancers of Bermuda: "The gombey dance is an iconic symbol of the Bermuda, mixing elements of British, West African and indigenous New World cultures. Dancers are usually male, and perform in groups of 10-30 in wild masquerade costumes with brilliant colors and odd angles, meant to evoke the plumage of tropical birds; they are sometimes based on Bible verses." (Wikipedia) But because of all the hurricane threats and the possibility of rain, they cancelled. I did see a guy playing this cool metal drum/string thing and someone dressed as a town crier. The park was beautiful. Then I went for lunch in this dark restaurant in the basement of a mall -- it sounds bad, but there were really good reviews online. It was amazing! And good prices too!


After lunch I took the ferry to Dockyard and did some last minute souvenir shopping and then went to Snorkel Park Beach because there was free admission today. It was beautiful. It's a pity there was like no one there. It was very touristy and developed, with a bar right on the beach and cabanas and tables and tiki torches and pedal boats and seados for rent. Kinda crazy actually. But still really cool, and it was right along the outside of the Royal Naval Dockyard keep so it was walled off by a cool old limestone wall. I spent the whole day sleeping and reading on the beach. It was great. I finished my book, went for a good long swim, and then headed out into Dockyard for another walk around. I love Dockyard, with the Craft Market and cool pubs and glass blowing studio... and the ferry ride. :)


I took the ferry at sunset back to Hamilton and I have never seen such beauty. That was my farewell, watching the sun set over the island and feeling the ocean breeze for the last time. I tried to capture it in photos but nothing compares. In fact, I don't think anyone saw what I did. I love Bermuda and this experience has been life changing. So there I was sitting in a corner of the upper deck watching the scenery, crying, and taking pictures like crazy -- I hope I remember that feeling. Goodbye Bermuda. Thanks.


After getting home and freshening up I decided to go out. I went to a bar on Front Street called the Pickled Onion and decided I was going to turn away every guy. I pissed off a lot of people doing that -- but I had an awesome night listening to live music and dancing with myself. i had a crab and spinach dip when I first got there and enjoyed people watching as the bar filled. The live music was a group from Toronto that plays there every weekend night. They play popular songs with a drum and synth background and then the guy plays guitar and they both sing. It was really fun. Didn't get to bed until 4am though! :)


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Bermuda Day 8

overcast 28 °C

Following my homesick night playing computer games, I didn't sleep well. So I decided it's my holiday, I can do what I want, and stayed in bed until noon. I took my time getting ready and out the door. Today was an easy day, I did some shopping and ate lunch at 2pm at a little cafe off Reid Street. Then I walked to the bus depot and caught the bus to Gibb's Hill Lighthouse. The bus driver tried hitting on me. Just like everyone else. Frankly, it's getting annoying. I'm just too nice to walk away. Damn it! Oh well, I'm getting better -- both at saying hi and at turning people down.


I said hello and introduced myself to a family from Pennsylvania as we got off at the same stop for the lighthouse. When I said I was from Canada the father noted that he knew I was from Canada because I was being too nice! That's when I realized that Canadians are nice, but not outgoing -- Bermudians are very very very very very outgoing. That's the difference, and I am picking up on it. When I get back I'll probably be pretty creepy for a little while, going up and talking to everybody I see, but that's just what they do here. Actually, it's probably a really good thing for me.

Gibb's Hill Lighthouse was amazing. It was cast out of iron in England then shipped to Bermuda and was the 2nd of it's kind in the world! With Bermuda being such an important stop for England traders on their way to the New World, the ships needed to be guided safely at night and the Bermudian government spent a lot of money on the lighthouse, though not more than they would gain from the increased trading. I climbed all the way to the top and looked at the amazing view -- and the clouds rolling in. It was extremely windy on the outer balcony.


After the lighthouse it looked like it was going to rain, so instead of going to the beach like I planned, I walked down Middle Road and found an entrance to the Railway Trail. The Railway Trail in Bermuda used to be the railway line of course, but on such a tiny island it was only needed until trucks were in use, so it was ripped up. The trail, however, was left and levelled off and is now used as a walking/jogging/biking trail that goes the entire length of the island. I just walked a small portion of it. I found 2 more moongates, a gigantic tree, some beehives (they make a lot of honey in Bermuda), and this cactus-like plant that looked like tendrils coming out of the hedge it was growing on. Seriously, it looked like a triffid or something. At one point I found a bench and stopped to read for a while. It was drizzling on me so at 6:30pm I headed out to Middle Road and found a bus to take me back to Hamilton.


I went home and wrote journal entries and then debated going out and decided against it because it's no fun partying without my friends, and I'm tired. I'll probably party at the beach tomorrow because Snorkel Park Beach has free admission on Saturdays and there's a bar on the beach. :) I'm excited. Goodnight, I'm going to take a Gravol and read my book and hopefully sleep well tonight so I can make my last day count.

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Bermuda Day 7

semi-overcast 29 °C

Today I took a bus to St. George's and had lunch at a cool restaurant on Water Street. It was named after some sort of fish that starts with a "W", and had a deck beside the water. I sat outside and had the most amazing grilled salmon and spinach salad I have ever tasted! It was sooooo good. I'm not planning on going back to St. George's again, but if I have enough of a craving for that lunch again I might have to. Then I went to the Unfinished Church which I couldn't go see the other day because there was a wedding going on. I'm glad I went and saw it -- it was fantastic. The church was started to replace St. Peter's but was never finished due to budget restraints. Now it's preserved by the Bermuda National Trust as a historic site. It looks just like the ruins of an old church. There's no floor or roof left anymore, and it's really quite spectacular. I felt like I was walking through some sort of fantasy ruin. I also met a little friend on one of the collapsed pillars outside the church.


Next I took the bus to Grotto Bay Resort because I was told that there are two caves there, just like the Fantasy and Crystal Caves, but they're free! So I went and found them. The stalactites were smooth and weird shaped, like they bubbled or something. It was crazy. Prospero's Cave had a cool little area that looked like it could be a bar or something -- inside the caves! That would be cool. The other cave was called Cathedral Cave and it reminded me of something from a sci-fi horror movie. There were cool little caves that you could climb up to and the ceiling kept getting lower. You can also swim in it! So, of course, I had to go swimming in the caves! There was no one around so I just changed right there and while I was swimming some girls that work on the cruise ship came and I had them take photos for me. :)


Devil's Hole is Bermuda's oldest aquarium and it's natural! It was a cave, and when the wind passed through it passersby would hear a strange howling sound -- hence the name Devil's Hole. It collapsed and formed a natural pool that rises and falls with the tide, and is fed from John Smith's Bay (not Harrington Sound which is waaaay closer). Locals realized that fish couldn't find their way in or out of Devil's Hole, so they used that to their advantage. Originally it was a fresh fishing hole where you could pay to catch any kind of fish you want, but people were more interested in looking than eating. Hence, the aquarium was born. Now it houses the only 5 Bermuda-born Green Turtles and one Hawksbill Turtle named Lady, along with numerous other fish. I took the bus to Devil's Hole and they gave me a tour and let me feed the turtles! It was great. Lady loves her calamari, but the Green turtles would only eat lettuce and bread (they're herbivores). Every time I would put a piece of squid down to Lady, the other fish would come and steal it so it was pretty challenging. Sooo much fun. :)

I also learned about why Bermuda's famous pink sand beaches are pink: "Parrot fish use their beaks to scrape off coral rock. The fish digest algae and expel the coral as fine white sand. Pink sand is the result of the colorful red shells of tiny sea creatures called "foraminifera". These tiny creatures live beneath rocks and inside caves. Their red shells are broken up by the surf into fine, soft pink colored sand."


From Devil's Hole I walked to John Smith's Bay. On the way I bought banana bread and cookies and found Jacquie's dream home (YeLLoW!). I was feeling extremely tired and homesick by this point so stuff is getting harder to do. I managed to sleep on the beach for about an hour, but everything was annoying me. The sand is so fine that it's insanely hard to get off and it just wouldn't budge. Plus with the incoming storm, the waves are huge and pick up tons of sand so you have to go in really deep before you get to clean water and it just wasn't worth it. So I put on a sweater to cover my sandy arms, which it was way to hot for, and waited for the bus to take me home.


I'm getting tired of all the guys here thinking that "hey babe" is an intelligent pickup line. All the people I've met keep texting me and are using up all the money on my phone so I can't text my mom. It's great that they're friendly but they keep trying to get me to come over or something. I dunno, it's waaay too pushy. I want to meet a normal person my age! I was cranky when I got home, but Tricia had cleaned my room for me (again) which made me feel better. I took a long shower and sat in my air conditioned room eating cookies and all dressed chips and playing stupid computer games. I feel better now. I'm going to be glad to be home though. I had a great day, I just need more rest and water and less sun.

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Bermuda Day 6

sunny 29 °C

Today was a relax day. No running around and seeing tons of stuff. I did a short walk through Hamilton, took a picture of Bermuda shorts (which are actually everywhere) and the Birdcage, and then caught the bus to Warwick Long Bay Beach. I spent the day on the beach, sleeping and playing in the enormous waves. A man named Rob came up and complimented me on "my style" saying it looked like I was having a lot of fun instead of just tanning. I walked from Warwick Long Bay towards Horseshoe Bay and stopped in one of the little coves in between because there was no one there. A couple eventually joined me and we talked for a while about biking and outdoors and stuff. They were from New Jersey and the man reminded me soooo much of daddy. :)


Then I took the bus home, tired and happy, and went to check out Harbor Nights in Hamilton which was set up along Front Street. It was pretty fun. There was a cruise ship in the harbor that provided a sweet backdrop for everything. There was live calypso music and an seniors woman's club did a dance which was kinda cute. I had bbq meat-on-a-stick (mmmm mmmm) and did some shopping at the vendors.


Eventually I went home. Harbor Nights was the start of my homesickness. I was just laying on my bed not doing anything, so I decided to go check out The Robin Hood which is an English style-pub near my house. It was pretty cool. I had a drink and then went searching for Canadian beer. :) Malvin joined me but soon got too pushy again. Jeez. I found Flanagan's which is an Irish bar on Front street and their menu said they had Labatt's and Keith's! I was so excited, but it turned out that they don't anymore. I had MGD instead. We went to The Beach Club which was pretty lame in my opinion. I don't like the dance clubs here, so I went home and to sleep. I was exhausted from the sun and surf.

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